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GPS based

Kato-Denki, a security-related equipment maker based in Handa City in Japan, has developed an anti-theft system for automobiles using both GPS (Global Positioning System) and PHS (Personal Handyphone System) technologies, jointly with a Tokyo-based security service company.

The new anti-theft system named as” dubbed Keep-eye”, will be released in Japan for 55,000 Yen from March 2003, and the communications equipment will be leased at 2,980 Yen per month. When the terminal installed in a car detects an unusual situation, the system will automatically send a signal to a special call center. The call center will report the problem to the car’s owner, activate the alarm and turn off the ignition by remote.

Conventional anti-theft systems for automobiles use either GPS or PHS technology. But it is difficult for systems using only GPS technology to function when a car is between tall buildings or in an underground parking lot. The new system, however, can cover areas that cannot be reached by GPS technology alone, as PHS technology can be used even underground.