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GPlates for interactive visualisation of plate-tectonics

Australia: An international team of scientists and professional software developers from the University of Sydney, the Norwegian Geological Survey and CalTech developed GPlates desktop software for the interactive visualisation of plate-tectonics. They have also been compiling sets of global data for plate boundaries, continental-oceanic crust boundaries, plate rotations, absolute reference frames and dynamic topography.

GPlates offers a novel combination of interactive plate-tectonic reconstructions, GIS functionality and raster data visualisation. It enables both the visualisation and the manipulation of plate-tectonic reconstructions and associated data through geological time. It runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS X. It is available free for download.
The goals of GPlates include:- to handle and visualise data in a variety of geometries and formats, including raster data;- to link plate kinematics to geodynamic models;- to serve as an interactive client in a grid-computing network and- to facilitate the production of high-quality paleo-geographic maps.
Source: www.gplates.org