Govt seeks help from small companies to counter GPS jamming

Govt seeks help from small companies to counter GPS jamming


US: The federal government is seeking help from small firms to resolve some of its toughest GPS-related technology problems with many of the projects focusing on countering jamming while others endeavour to simplify signal acquisition and improve links within the constellation. And therefore, proposals for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts have been released by various agencies.

The Defense Department is looking for a ground-based system that can track multipath signals back to their source — enabling a new way to locate jammers in urban areas. Although multipath signals, that is, signals that have bounced off reflective surfaces, can confuse GPS receivers, recent research suggests that multipath can be used to help locate jammers.

The Department of Defense (DoD) is looking for a single-receiver solution able to detect and estimate the location of a jammer within 100 meters using this technique. If networked with other sensors the system should be able to estimate location within 10 meters. The selected contractor will integrate a prototype of their solution into a representative military ground vehicle and perhaps Federal Aviation Administration equipment.

Source: Insidegnss