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Govt responds to report on spatial capability of Australia

Australia: The Commonwealth Government responded to the Lawrence report on spatial capability of Australia. The report, by Vanessa Lawrence, Director General of Ordnance Survey, was given to the Australian government in October 2011. The report took a close look at the Australian Government’s current spatial capability and suggested how that capability can be improved for the benefit of public and private sector. It contained 22 recommendations.

The report recommended creation of a new policy office which would be able to provide direction at a ‘whole of government’ level to all departments and agencies for the creation, management and dissemination of spatially enabled data. Keeping this recommendation in mind, the Australian government established Office of Spatial Policy.

The Australian govt said that ANZLIC Council is currently considering a revised Strategic Objective Statement and Terms of Reference.  Revising the Strategic Objectives will include consideration of the appropriate forms of interaction with PSMA Australia Limited.

The report also advocated having a clear set of guidelines as to how data should be collected, maintained and disseminated throughout the Australian public sector. In reply, the Office of Spatial Policy (OSP) stated that it will be seeking to establish, in conjunction with ANZLIC—the Spatial Information Council, a spatial policy framework over the next two years. The framework will articulate the key role that Governments have in ensuring the provision of easy access, ubiquitous, relevant, standards-compliant, fundamental and authoritative datasets.”

The Australian government further stressed that they will strive towards delivering open access to a fundamental layer of spatial data. Additionally, the Australian Government vouched to provide leadership and support to the industry, academic, research and education sectors with the aim of encouraging Australia’s spatial innovation and supporting continued growth in the spatial sector.

Source: Spatial Business