Govt launches project worth Rs. 300 Cr to map highways, culverts

Govt launches project worth Rs. 300 Cr to map highways, culverts


India: A project worth Rs. 300 crore has been launched by the ministry of road transport and highways to map 1.5 lakh bridges and culverts across the country. The Integrated Bridge Management System (IBMS), when fully operational, will become the world's largest system, a Ministry of Road Transport and Highways official said.

The IBMS has mapped 50,000 such bridges and culverts out of about 1.5 lakh in the country, the official said. The system which is an initiative under "Make in India" drive will have the minutest details of bridges and culverts and will address all safety and security concerns.

"The three-year project is being implemented in 18 packages and will cost initially Rs 300 crore," the official said. IDEC Engineers have been appointed as the project consultant for it and the system will have data like national identity number, longitude and latitude details, classifications and socio-economic details of the area among others.

The need for this system was triggered as the country did not have any such data while over dimensional vehicles of that of companies like BHEL had to shell out as high as Rs 50 lakh fee to get the data whether the bridge was compatible with its machines or not while crossing it, the official said.

Source: DNA