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KOREM Web-based mapWORKSPACE.com ASP Service allowed the Quebec government event’s mapping project directly to inexpensively offer journalists and the general public an access to map-based information regarding the Third Summit of the Americas held in April 2001.

More than 10 000 representatives, journalists and members of governments of 34 countries attended the Third Summit of the Americas held in Quebec City in April 2001. To better coordinate the event, the government of Québec was looking for an effective mapping solution that would help all visitors – particularly the foreign journalists – familiarize themselves with the city and with the now-famous perimeter of security. Furthermore, knowing the event would draw international media coverage; the government wanted the solution to be a real value-added communication tool for journalists. The solution had to help them effectively localize incidents to forward maps to local press offices via e-mail or fax as quickly as possible.

The mapping solution had to be World Wide Web-based to be able to search for a precise location, browse within a map and print or send a specific map via e-mail. In addition, the solution also had to be temporary considering the event’s context. Also, the government insuring a quick implementation. Of Québec wanted the solution to be as cost effective as possible with no investment in the implementation of a costly technological mapping infrastructure.

Using KOREM’s mapWORKSPACE.com ASP service, the Québec government’s Webmapping solution allowed users to generate about 100 000 maps during the three days of the Summit. The government was able to publish, consult, share and administer the event’s mapping project directly on the Internet. In addition, the project didn’t require any technological investment and the subscription-based solution offered “GEObroadcasting” flexibility.