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Google will help map three slums in Rio de Janeiro

According to the blog of AfroReggae, a brazilian NGO, this mapping will be done by 24 residents of Rio”s communities and bring geographic references of the regions, such as streets and stores.

Rocinha, Complexo do Caju and Morro da Providência residents –eight from each site– began training on Monday, July 14, to work with GPS devices and smartphones in order to contribute to the Google collaborative tool, Map Maker. They also attended to a lecture of Google Tools Manager, Gus Moreira, at Waly Salomão Cultural Center in Vigário Geral.

The project is part of the digital platform “Tá no Mapa” (in english: It”s in the Map) which won two Lions at the Cannes Advertising Festival for mapping other community in Rio de Janeiro, Parada de Lucas. The initiative is supported by a partnership between Google, Afro Reggae and the JWT advertising agency.

The objective is to make the digital record of all slums on which AfroReggae works so that it helps to promote citizenship and the growth of the local market and public services.

Source: Terra