Home News Google urges Filipinos to map voting centres

Google urges Filipinos to map voting centres

Philippines: Google has launched “Map Your Precinct” tool to enable Filipino voters to map their voting centers on Election Day on May 10. The map could help voters get to their assigned polling precincts.

The “Map Your Precinct” relies on volunteer efforts of Filipinos who are encouraged to tag the locations of the voting centers they are familiar with on Google Map Maker, Google’s online map-editing tool.

According to Google, the tool started out as a project of Dan Delima, a Filipino Google engineer who saw the enthusiasm of the Filipino community in using the Google Map Maker.
Google discloses that Filipinos have contributed hundreds of thousands of edits in its
Google Map Maker tool since its launch in 2008, which it says has helped in making the digital map of the Philippines useful to more Filipinos searching for locations and needing help in getting directions or finding businesses.

Source: Philstar