Google updates its maps; will Apple better it with iOS 8?

Google updates its maps; will Apple better it with iOS 8?


US: Google has updated its Google Maps app for Android and Apple’s iOS. The changes include integration with the popular ride app Uber and new options that will improve the Google Maps experience for both drivers and users of public transportation.

In addition to driving directions, the updated maps will also offer users with the option to save the directions for offline usage. If a Google Maps user also has the Uber app installed on his or her device, then Uber will pop up as a transportation option alongside walking and driving directions. Clicking on the Uber option will transfer users directly into the Uber app.

And with Apple iOS 8 launch announcement date getting near, everyone is waiting to see how Apple has transformed its maps utilising the resources it has earned by way of multiple acquisitions over the last few months. Apple purchased Locationary, HopStop, Embark Inc, WiFiSLAM, and according to reports, may have also purchased a company called BroadMap, which prided itself on managing, sorting and analyzing maps data. The WiFiSLAM acquisition could mean Apple plans to offer indoor maps for malls and other public places.

Source: and Google Maps blog