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Google to partner with Indonesia’s BNPB for disaster management

Indonesia: Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) is exploring a new partnership with Google Incorporation, which has expressed an interest in the agency’s disaster and geospatial information. The BNPB said on its website that Google programme manager Meryl Stone recently visited the BNPB office in Jakarta with her team to discuss the partnership.

“Google’s headquarters in California has long observed the development of BNPB’s geospatial information, which is responsive and provides up-to-date information on disasters in Indonesia,” the BNPB said, citing as an example the agency’s reports on the magnitude 8.2 earthquake that struck Aceh in April.

“It apparently is attractive to Google to establish a partnership in disseminating disaster information globally,” the BNPB added.

Google is planning to disseminate data from the BNPB to the international audience through Google Crisis Response, which integrates several tools like Google Public Alert, Google Crisis Maps and Google Person Finder.

“Google will display the latest maps of areas affected by earthquakes from the BNPB, and will publish them on Google Public Alerts and Google Crisis Map,” the BNPB said.

“Alerts and data on other disasters like floods, tsunamis and volcanoes, will also be displayed,” the agency added.

Google has offered the BNPB a Google Earth Pro license in exchange for the agency’s disaster-related information.

Source: The Jakarta Globe