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Google surveys Edmonton for StreetView

USA: Google’s Street View, a high-definition photo-mapping service that builds 360-degree views of city streets, has been rolled out in Edmonton.

Google now has at least one multi-camera-equipped car roaming the streets of Edmonton snapping photos of city streets, people, buildings, landmarks, park benches and just about anything else as part of a virtual online map called Street View.

A Street View car with Ontario plates was spotted travelling north along 97 Street past the downtown Law Courts. The feature, offering online accessible close-up views of city streets, is linked to the company’s Google Maps and Google Earth applications.

Google has promised to blur any faces and plates captured by the camera to protect identities and meet Canada’s privacy laws. The application has come under criticism, especially in the United Kingdom.

The controversial Google car has visited 10 other Canadian cities. The service is already available in cities in the U.S., the U.K., Spain, Australia, Japan and several other countries.