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Google Street View to include interior shots of stores

US: Google is taking its Street View feature indoors. In order to have businesses’ interior photographed, one must fill out an application with Google. If chosen, he/she will be contacted by Google’s photographers to set up a time for the shoot. Google owns all rights to the photos, including the right to keep one up, even if he/she objects to it. In order to have an image removed, he/she must submit a request for it to be taken down.

According to a Google spokesperson, the company has already worked with thousands of businesses to shoot these 360 degree interior views. Photos will be available both on your Google business page as well as the Google Maps Street View. They don’t consider it a privacy risk because people are consenting to the photographs. However, experts believe that there is potential for criminals to use the interior shots as a way to “case the place,” or find out information before robbing it.

Source: VentureBeat