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Google Street View hits roadblock in India

New Delhi, India: Commissioner of Police of Bangalore in India has asked Google to stop photographing streets of Bangalore. The commissioner has also called Google officials for further discussions on the matter. However, before Street View cars started operating, Google claimed it took permission from the traffic department of Bangalore police.

According to a report published in Times of India, the police have reservations regarding legality of Google’s Street View in India. The police reportedly acted because there were several restrictions on photography by foreigners or foreign firms in India.  

The police also reportedly consider Street View and the data presented through it as a form of new media, putting it under the ambit of foreign direct investment policy that governs investment and participation by foreign companies in Indian media.

Even though Google Street View has proven immensely popular with users, the service has faced resistance in several parts of the world. The data in Street View is not shown to users in real-time but there have been privacy concerns over its use. In Austria and Czech Republic the service was banned temporarily. Recently, in April Google closed down Street View in Germany after privacy issues raised by the government and told European Union that it may withdraw the service from the member countries due to new laws on storing photographs.

Source: Times of India