Home News Google puts street data in map of Australia

Google puts street data in map of Australia

Australia, 19 May 2006: Google overnight sneaked out street mapping data for Australia and New Zealand cities within Google Maps. While the Google Earth application has captured the imagination of the world with its 3D satellite images, Google Maps offers businesses a means of overlaying their own data or statistics over detailed street maps on their web site.

While the addition of city street names does not yet add up to a full local Google Maps service, the company said it served as an initial step in bringing Australian data to Google Maps. “With this enhancement, developers in Australia can also begin using the Google Maps API to integrate the product with their website,” Google said.

Local developers who have been holding out for the more detailed Google city street map data will now be able to start mashing up creations using the Google Maps API – a toolkit for building an overlay map for location-based data sources.