Google pulls the plug on Maps Coordinate

Google pulls the plug on Maps Coordinate


Google pulls the plug on Maps CoordinateUS, January 26, 2015: Google is about to call it quits on its Maps Coordinate service, a tool for managing mobile workforces with the help of mobile apps and a web-based dashboard. According to the emails sent by the tech-giant to the users of the service, Google will shut down the service on January 21, 2016.

According to a statement from the company published on TechCrunch, Google is shifting away from selling any non-Maps API products.

In July, Google announced that users of Maps Engine Pro product — a bundle of mapping-related tools that’s now called Maps for Work would also gain access to Maps Coordinate. Meanwhile, a report published by TechCrunch, claims that Maps Engine is also inching towards a dead-end as Google plans to focus on its mapping APIs in the Google Maps for Work program.

Source: TechCrunch