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Google provides real-time traffic data for Brisbane

Brisbane, Australia: Google Maps now provides live traffic updates for Brisbane. This latest upgrade to the journey-planning function of the digital mapping service follows the recent inclusion of the city’s bicycle paths in the data streams which already enable public transport and walking route options.

It means people can now also take current traffic conditions into account when determining how best to get around Brisbane by using Maps to plot a route and selecting “get directions”.

The driving journey estimations rely on data from mobile Maps users who have GPS enabled and the
“My Location” feature turned on while travelling on Brisbane streets. These live updates combine with the historic traffic data used by the original mapping service.

A spokeswoman for Google Australia said the Google Maps feature was designed to give an accurate understanding of trip times.

‘‘For example, if you’re looking for directions from the Gold Coast to West End, we know you’re not going to arrive in Brisbane for at least another hour,’’ she said.

‘‘Therefore what the current traffic in Brisbane looks like when you set off on your journey is less relevant. What Google Maps does is look at the traffic in Brisbane at the same time last week, and use that to make a prediction on what traffic will be like when you actually drive into Brisbane,’’ she explained.

Source: Brisbane Times