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Google offers 360 degree images of Antarctic sites

US: Google in collaboration with Polar Geospatial Center, a scientific basis for the University of Minnesota in Antarctica, and New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust has launched a new service. Google now provides 360-degree panoramic photographs of key locations of Antarctic region. The collection was made by Google Cultural Institute, which has already developed similar projects such as digitising the Dead Sea Scrolls and the creation of a site to visit tourist sites around the world.
Google captured images of the polar region using a special tripod and a camera that allows you to create panoramic images.
“Schools in Bangalore (India) can count colonies of penguins on Snow Hill Island, Georgia and geologists can trace the sedimentary layers in the Dry Valleys from the comfort of their desks,” Google posted on its blog.
Among the places that can be seen are the huts of Shackleton and Scott, the first explorers of the polar region and a meeting place hundreds of penguins at Cape Royds.
The cultural project Wonders of the World lets internet users explore historical sites around the world through Google Street View, including Stonehenge in southern England, the temples of Kyoto, Japan, the Palace of Versailles in France , and Mexican sites as Xochimilco.

Source: Oambio