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Google Maps updated

Google Maps has received a significant makeover aimed at making the navigation easier to use and make the interface with Google Street View work more seamlessly.

Key to the change is the new full screen/half screen Google Street interface which allows a larger screen area to be devoted to the panorama than was previously available with the pop-up style.

Also making his debut with this new control system is “Pegman”, the new icon you can use to zoom between locations:

Pegman has been referred to as Google Maps’ “plucky mascot” and already there is a selection of easter eggs available including what appears to be a St Patricks pegman, a Yankee doodle Pegman and a Halloween Pegman.

The system still has the old road arrows to allow the same road ‘journeys’ however bigger jumps will be easier with the new system and the the bigger panorama area should give users a better view of the various locations.