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Google Maps turns into game!

US: Google announced a game for Google Plus which will be based on Google Maps. According to Google’s press statement, the game is powered by WebGL and is being developed for the Google’s gaming platform by the Maps team. Google launched this game with a demo video showing a cube on a map overlay. 

The 27 second promo had an impressive music on the background and showed the power of WebGL which does not require any additional software for the game play. The gamer must navigate the ball through the given locations.
Google Plus launched Games around August last year. Despite having companies like Zynga producing games and popular titles like Angry Birds being there, Google Plus Games was no real big competition to Facebook Games. But as Google is trying to produce more original games, this can force Facebook to do something different – may be force Facebook to create its own games with new ideas.
Source: TechGadgetsWeb