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Google Maps shows World Cup stadiums and decorated streets

Seven days before the start of the World Cup and before the fans take over the stadium that will host the games, Google launched on this Thursday (5th) a Maps special gallery with pictures of the inside of the 12 arenas that will be used in the competition. Another compilation shows streets decorated in green and yellow.

Fans can enter the field and walk among the four lines. If walking around the lawn makes you tired, you can pass through the bench. It is also possible to scroll through the stands of the arena. The tool also features explanatory texts about each of the 12 stadiums (here https://www.google.com/maps/views/streetview/brazils-world-cup-stadiums?gl=br&hl=pt-br).

The finishing touches and even the delay in works of some stadiums were captured by the Google team. For example, the images of Arena Corinthians, the stadium which will host the World Cup opening, shows that some chairs of one of the stands sectors were missing.

The tool is also showing 26 streets of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo which received special decorations to get players in the spirit of the World Cup(here https://www.google.com/maps/views/streetview/brazils-painted-streets? gl = us & hl = en). The adornments of streets range from drawn walls and flags to the traditional painted asphalt painted walls.

Source: G1