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Google Maps Engine API launched

US: Google launched its new Google Maps Engine API today, enabling developers with large amounts of location-based data the chance to show that information through a mobile or Web app with the Google Maps or Google Earth interface.

The API means that developers can access Google’s cloud infrastructure and easily layer their own data on top of the now widely recognized Google Maps experience. Companies can then share this through a mobile or Web app to their employees, customers and the wider public, making it far easier to distribute and access this information from anywhere in the world.

The API provides direct access to Maps Engine for reading and editing spatial data hosted in the cloud,” Jen Kovnats, Product Manager, Google Maps for Business said.

“With the API, organizations can develop on any platform – Web, Android, iOS and server-to-server – and build applications like store locators, crowdsourced maps or crisis-response maps.”

Source: The Next Web