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Google Maps Coordinate tracks employees on the move

US: Google launched a new tool, Google Maps Coordinate, to improve communication between businesses and their employees in the field. As the number of mobile employees continues to grow, so does the need for a location sharing solution that works in real-time.  Research firm IDC estimated that there will be over 1.3 billion mobile workers by 2015 (37.2 percent of the total workforce).

Google Maps Coordinate combines the power of Google’s mapping technologies with modern smartphones to help organisations assign jobs and deploy staff more efficiently.

When a business signs up for Google Maps Coordinate, they get access to the Google Maps Coordinate web and mobile apps.  

Employees in the field download the mobile app to their phone and then can:
Share real-time location: Google Maps Coordinate is built on Google’s mapping and geolocation infrastructure so the app will send an accurate location, even if you’re indoors (Google Maps Coordinate integrates with Google Indoor Maps).

Record data: Mobile teams often need to collect information while out in the field. Google Maps Coordinate allows the admin to customise the fields that the mobile team needs to capture and collect – from measurements to client contact details – directly in the app.

Meanwhile, a designated dispatcher back in the office can:
Create teams: Add team members to a Google Maps Coordinate team and see their locations in the Google Maps Coordinate web and mobile app.  For example, our electric utility company might create a special team for home electricians and another for line repairers.

Manage jobs: Easily create jobs, precisely locate the job, assign the job to the nearest team member and notify them instantly.  The next time there is a downed powerline, the operator at the utility company will have no problem identifying the closest team member and assigning them to investigate the issue.  

View past jobs and locations: Get the hard data needed to make strong business decisions. With Google Maps Coordinate, businesses can easily visualise the locations of all their jobs and teams, including current and past jobs.  Businesses can assess where they should be assigning or hiring more workers and how to optimally place their teams.

Source: Google