Google Maps app gets an Aussie accent

Google Maps app gets an Aussie accent


Google Maps app can now tackle tricky Australian place names

Australia: To compete with rival navigation apps, which are making a fortune by catering to Australian customers, the Google Maps app has adopted an Australian accent. The search engine giant worked with a team of Australian linguistics experts to get the correct articulation, and even added slang words like "arvo", "footy" and "Maccas" to the Maps vocabulary. Now, the app can even tackle tricky place names like Kurrajong, Mullumbimby or Molong. Google believes that Australians are more relaxed when they hear a familiar voice. Users are 30 times more likely to use voice rather than typing requests, a spokesperson added.

How to make the change

To make the change, go to the Google app, tap Settings and in "Search Language" change to "English (Australia)." In Maps on Android, go to Settings, select "Language and Input," then "Language" and finally, select "English (Australia)."

Source: SMH