Google Maps API to deliver geospatial analysis

Google Maps API to deliver geospatial analysis


US: BigDataLabs announced an Enterprise Partner Agreement with Google. BigDataLabs’ feature product, GeoDashk, offers interactive reporting and analysis directly on an intuitive Google Mapsk interface.

According to BigDataLabs, over 80% of enterprise data contains some location element. GeoDash fully leverages this data with an unsurpassed level of integration into the MicroStrategy 9k platform (e.g., support of drill maps, hierarchies, templates, etc.). The result is fast geocoding of any location from around the world and a visually appealing user experience.

GeoDash users can leverage all of the standard functionality of Google Maps within the context of their business intelligence environment. Because of the level of integration with MicroStrategy, GeoDash is the premier lightweight solution in the business intelligence market today. For the first time ever, IT administrators need not worry about extra hardware or server costs. BigDataLabs bundles familiar Google Maps features like StreetView, Traffic, Directions, Geocoding and interactive zooming and panning.

According to Michael Shin, Product marketing director at BigDataLabs, “GeoDash offers an ability to integrate Google Maps with the rest of the MicroStrategy dashboard. The Google Maps component becomes another selector. This whole user experience, in turn, leads to greater adoption rates for the business intelligence tool.”

Source: PRWeb