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Google Maps adds train timetables

UK: A new update to Google Maps in the UK lets travellers find the quickest route between railway stations in the UK – offering timetables for 170,000 routes, plus bus connections between them. The update, live now on Maps and in Google’s mapping apps on Android, also has information on 8,000 bus stops and 250 London Tube stations. The update works much like the normal Maps route planner – but offers the option to go via public transport instead of car or foot.
The app has details for 2,500 stations in the UK. The information is provided by TheTrainline – but means that Maps users can access the information without leaving the app or the site. Visitors can click through and book via the Trainline, but all information is free and works within Google Maps.
Ed Parsons, Google UK’s geospatial technologist, said, “Google Maps seeks to provide a wide range of local information, and public transport station and schedule information is definitely a part of that. This means we can reach and help a larger number of people with useful national rail train information.”
Source: www.dailymail.co.uk