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Google launches Project Tango 3D smartphone platform

Project TangoUS: Google has launched a new research project aimed at bringing 3D technology to smartphones for potential applications such as indoor mapping, gaming and helping blind people navigate. According to the tech giant, Project Tango would provide prototypes of its new smartphone to outside developers to encourage the writing of new applications. “Project Tango strives to give mobile devices a human-like understanding of space and motion through advanced sensor fusion and computer vision, enabling new and enhanced types of user experiences – including 3D scanning, indoor navigation and immersive gaming,” said Johnny Lee, ATAP’s technical programme lead.

By giving applications an almost human-like understanding of space, developers will be able to create applications that simply weren’t possible before. The phones are outfitted with a compass and gyros, just like any other phone, but in addition, they feature Kinect-like visual sensors that can scan the room around the phone.

Source: Techcrunch