Google launches Maps stickers for users to label locations

Google launches Maps stickers for users to label locations


US: Google introduced a new update to its Maps service that enables users to personalize their well-liked places with peculiar yet fun stickers. Users can add these stickers to their home or work locations for the visual blast as the stickers come in igloos, tree houses, teepees and yellow submarines forms. If that doesn’t cheer you up, you can go for a lighthouse or pirate ship stickers as well.

Although the company didn’t come up with a patch that could get rid of annoying bugs, the recent update could bring delight into the users. It is also cinched to make some trips across a town fun and more unforgettable too.

With this step, Google wants to compel users to label locations that are essential to them. The application gives users the freedom to label their contact’s favourite hangout places such as gym, restaurant, landmark and others. Moreover, Google Maps brings in enhanced info public transportation and traffic so as to allow users to schedule their meetings and everyday activities better after labeling various locations.

Source: News Independent