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Google launches Maps Gallery

With the provided data by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU, an agency of the United Nations) Google developed a map showing how the Internet population is worldwide. This display forms Maps Gallery (https://maps.google.com/gallery/), an initiative of the company for organizations, governments and various institutions to reflect their data through its digital mapping.

In this case, the map shows the percentage of the population with Internet access in each country in the last year, either from a computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV or video game console, among many other types of connection to the Net. The idea of ??the new Google Maps Gallery is easily the access to maps. According to the official blog of Google Maps, the tool functions as a Digital Atlas of maps, which allows the user to explore the plans of cities, climate change, access to housing, shipwrecks and updated evacuation routes, for example. The data were provided by the World Bank and ITU, together.

Source: LaNacion