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Google launches indoor maps for 75 locations in India

Google has announced the availability of indoor maps in India. India: Google has released indoor maps in India and users of Google Maps on Android and iOS can now access the floor plans of 75 places in 22 Indian cities. Most of these 75 places are shopping malls but museums and convention halls also find a mention in the list. Similarly, while most of these places are located in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, some buildings from Raipur and Ludhiana too are a part of the project.

"We launched indoor maps in countries like the US earlier. Now we are bringing it to India. We worked with mall owners and authorities that manage a place to get the floor plans and location details and have added that information to Google Maps. For now we are starting with 75 places. But as we get feedback from consumers and work with more partners, we hope to add more places,” said Suren Ruhela, Director and Product Manager, India Google Maps. Those who use Google Maps on Android phones or iPhone will be prompted for an update to their maps app and once they have updated app, they will be able to use indoor maps option. The feature uses several techniques to find the location of a user. The most important of these is the ability to look for Wi-Fi. Inside building GPS signals are very weak. Hence, Google is relying on a phone's ability to scan for Wi-Fi and then the Wi-Fi details to determine location. Indoor maps feature would work best when a user has the Wi-Fi scanning option turned on in the phone. The phone needs to scan for networks and doesn't have to connect to them.

Source: Times of India