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Google launches game to test geographical knowledge

It is called “Smarty Pins” and is more like an interactive geography lesson. Google’s latest game not only promises to make users think but also wants to test their knowledge beyond the street where they live.

According to Mashable, the user needs to answer correctly a geography question and then drop a pin on the city that corresponds with the answer. The game includes a list of categories on which the question are included, such as sports, history, events, culture, etc..

Each player starts with a margin of error of 1,000 miles and whenever the answer given is incorrect, the number of miles that separate the right from the wrong answer is subtracted.

Answering in less than ten seconds earns bonus, explains Mashable.

This game is based on Google Maps and allows users to increase or reduce the image, facilitating the discovery of reference points.

To access Smarty Pins, visit https://smartypins.withgoogle.com/.

Source: Reuters