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Google launches COVID -19 hub for reliable information

The search engine giant Google has launched a a COVID-19 hub on Google News. This will help viewers to get updated about the pandemic in one single platform through reliable sources.  After clicking on this hub, viewers can also select the regions they wish to get information related to the virus.

They may also go through stories related to health, economy, travel and also get some local news.

The hub is available in android and web in 20 countries. Google is looking to enter in more countries in coming days. The company has said it is also working on a fact-checking feature to quash any wrong information about the virus.  It is however still working on ways to implement it.

Google is also taking measures make sure that the people get all their information while searching on the COVID-19. To receive quick updates, viewers may even ask “what’s the latest news on coronavirus?”

The company is also its Podcast app for viewers to get more informations on the pandemic.