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Google Indoor Maps arrives in Brazil

Google included Brazil in its Indoor Maps tool which shows maps of closed spaces like malls, airports and museums. From now on, it is possible to see details about the interior of 15 airports, 11 soccer stadiums and a hundred malls in Brazil.

The service aims to help users in identifying, for example, where exactly is a particular store they wish to visit in a mall or on which floor is located a specific attraction they are looking for.

To access the Indoor Maps, the user needs to enter the Google Maps website or download the Maps”s app for mobile devices. When enlarge the view to the next closer levels of the site, it is possible to see the site plan in question with all the details.

For the first part of the action, Google has partnered with those establishments that already are covered by the tool. “For the launch of Indoor Maps in Brazil, we have partnered with major groups that manage shopping centers in Brazil to have the plants available. Other malls can contact us to include plants in Indoor Maps”, said Google Brazil, through note.

The data can be sent from the tool site. Unlike other Google services, the Indoor Maps is free for the establishments wishing to show its internal map. Besides Indoor Maps, Google also shows closed spaces through Google Street View, including the Congonhas Airport in São Paulo.

Source: Geodireito