Home News Google grants USD 5 mn for water flow sensors

Google grants USD 5 mn for water flow sensors

US: Google”s Global Impact Awards has granted funds of USD 5 million to Charity Water to install water flow sensors at thousands of points across Africa for clean and sustainable water supplies. The non-profit group that builds water wells for communities in the developing world is hoping to install 4,000 low-cost remote sensors.

The sensors will transmit real-time data to the charity and its donors on the condition and flow of water at particular wells.

“We realise 4,000 [sensors] is an aggressive target to implement by the end of 2015, but we”ve always set aggressive goals,” Harrison told CNN. “We are first going to target Ethiopia, Nepal and a few other African and Asian countries that are undecided at this time.”

The entire initiative will be funded through Google”s Global Impact Awards, a scheme designed by the Silicon Valley tech giant to support pioneering technologies.

Harrison said the charity is planning to test different technologies for each country depending on the type of well installed there.

“For example, our commitment in Ethiopia has consisted mainly of hand-dug wells, and in Nepal, we fund large-scale spring systems. Two completely different sensors, partners, and methodologies,” he explained.

Knowing the location of the well isn”t enough anymore — the charity also wants to collect information to establish if the wells are working and if they need to be fixed.

Harrison added, “We want to do the best job of fully implementing the technology as well as building up response teams (mechanics) to ensure the sustainability of the projects and continue serving our beneficiaries with full transparency.”

Source: CNN