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Google grant supports mapping in US state

Wyoming stateUS: A group of eight students, faculty and staff from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (FES) recently received a grant from Google to map a 22,000 acre ranch in Wyoming, US. The partnership between the Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative (UHPSI) and the Ucross Foundation, which owns the ranch, will allow the FES students to construct a detailed map of the vegetation and topography of the land. The project will help the ranch monitor spurge, an invasive species of vegetation and fits into a larger initiative of cataloging land by analysing satellite images.

“Upon receiving the GEE award, we were gifted the capacity to bring our complex modeling work back to those who need it most. This project has been all about understanding how Yale, with its wealth of resources and expertise, can enhance the already tremendous work being done at Ucross,” said Charlie Bettigole, co-director of UHPSI. After the data is gathered, the FES team will design algorithms that convert the images to data describing vegetations patterns. “The results of the project may eventually be incorporated into Google Earth, where the algorithm could evaluate vegetation anywhere on earth. The project will allow the public to access information, typically only accessible to academics,” said Lindsi Seegmiller, FES.

Source: Yale daily news