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Google expected to face a lawsuit next week as DOJ seeks support from states

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The U.S. Justice of Department is expected to sue Alphabet’s Google next week and is also urging state attorneys general to sign onto the lawsuit.

The lawsuit accuses Google of putting its rivals such as Microsoft’s Bing at a disadvantage by depriving them of the data about users and user preferences that they need to improve and to advertise to people.

Reuters mentioned that Google has repeatedly denied any accusations and any wrongdoings. The Justice Department has declined to comment at the moment.

Regarding search, Google has stated that users have access to other information sources, like Twitter for news and Amazon for products. But in advertising, it said that it competes with a large array of companies, including Oracle and Verizon.

The lawsuit would be the first real blow to fall after the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission announced last year, that they had opened antitrust investigations of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. Progressive Democrats have appreciated this effort.

Separately, President Donald Trump’s administration has stated that social media companies, including Google’s YouTube, have stifled conservative voices.