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Google Earth transforming geologic science

US: Google is honouring innovative applications of Google Earth imagery in Geoscience. The search giant has selected 75 people and invited them during January 3-8 to the Google Inc. headquarters in Mountain View, California, to attend an invitation-only conference, Google Earth: Visualizing the Possibilities for Geoscience Education and Research.

A former chairman of the University of Missouri, Department of Geological Sciences and now a professor emeritus, Tom Freeman is amongst those selected people. Freeman said he believes he is one of the first scientists to use the online images in textbooks. Freeman is the author of two geology laboratory manuals he said are used by about 60 universities and colleges nationwide.

The conference will focus on ways to disseminate Google Earth-based educational materials in the scientific community. Participants will visit geologic sites in the San Francisco Bay area and hear Google Earth staff presentations on state-of-the-art technology. Google Earth is partnering with the Geological Society of America to host the conference, Freeman said.

John Bailey, a research assistant professor at the University of Alaska, is one of four leaders to convene the meeting. Bailey said the conferences typically are tightly focused on one aspect of geologic study. But he noted the satellite imagery broadcast by Google Earth is transforming geologic science.

Source: www.columbiatribune.com