Google Earth shows Indian military bases

Google Earth shows Indian military bases


Parliamentarian, Frans Weekers (Holland): “I would just like the government to explain why it does not find it necessary to take measures.”

Major General Weerasak Manee (Thailand): “We are looking for possible restrictions on these detailed pictures, especially state buildings.”

Presidential spokesman, office of Kim Man Soo (South Korea): “The satellite photos might violate domestic security laws.”

Brigadier Daya Ratnayake (Srilanka): “This is a serious concern if anyone could get detailed images of sensitive installations and buildings.”

ANSTO chief of operations, Dr Ron Cameron (Australia): “It is prudent to take steps to ensure the best possible security at the site.”

ANSTO spokesman, Craig Pearce (Australia): “We would probably prefer [Google] not to show images as intimately as they currently do.”

Anonymous security official to Reuters (India): “The issue of satellite imagery had been discussed at the highest level..”

First it was Australia. Then Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and now Holland. These are the nations that have officially voiced their concerns about Google Earth. The list is growing as much discussions were generated yesterday in India regarding the Google Earth’s recent release of satellite images of several out of bounds military bases in the country like the naval dockyards in Mumbai or the air force bases in New Delhi. These images available to anybody with access to the net have raised much concern.