Google Earth showcases oceans

Google Earth showcases oceans


US: The 3-D global mapping system, made up of satellite images, is sinking its feet into the oceans as well. Now all Google Earth users can see maps of the world’s oceans and videos, photos and narrative from the world’s leading scientists and media sources to bring them to life. Google Oceans officially launched last year as a separate feature, but is now part of Google Earth.

“Although a humble step given the dearth of information available about these vast expanses of geography, we are happy to take one more step to make the oceans a first-class part of Google Earth and to give them at least a starter portion of the thick soup of photos and places that describe the land part of the planet,” wrote John Hanke, vice-president of product management with Google Geo, in a blog post.

The British Columbia-based marine conservation group Living Oceans helped supply information about the oceans that surround Canada. Along with the addition of Google Oceans, Google launched the Oceans Showcase. Google teamed up with Sylvia Earle, founder of the Mission Blue Foundation, which aims to explore and protect the oceans.

With Google Earth’s Ocean Showcase, one can explore and learn about the proposed Hope Spots, which include the Galapagos Islands, the Gulf of California, the Mesoamerican Reef in the Caribbean, the Sargasso Sea in the mid-Atlantic and the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

Source: Toronto Sun