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Google Earth now offers glimpse into the past

San Francisco, USA, 14 November 2006 – Google has released new featured content on Google Earth on Monday. The new content uses overlay maps by David Rumsey Historical Maps to connect users to information about the history of the world.

The David Rumsey maps overlayed on Google Earth integrate historic cartographic masterpieces dating as far back as the 17th century. The collection of David Rumsey Historical Maps dated from 1680 to 1892 and included Cassini’s Globe of 1790; Africa in 1787, and a map of Asia from 1710.

Google Earth is also partnering with National Geographic to mesh interactive geography quizzes with maps that test users’ knowledge of Africa, which is the focus of Geography Awareness Week this year. It will feature community-generated data about Africa, as well as flags from the 53 sovereign nations of the continent.