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Google cuts price of its maps by 88 pc

US: Google recently announced that they would cut Google Map’s price by 88 percent.  The price cut comes in response to Apple’s announcement that they will be developing their own maps and no longer wanted to rely on Google for a map app.

In addition, various other sites that use Google Maps have been complaining that the price to use the maps is way too high. To avoid losing a large customer base, Google cut the price in the hopes that customers will continue to use Google for their mapping needs rather than Apple.

Google Maps API manager, Thor Mitchell said, “We’ve been listening carefully to feedback, and today we are happy to announce that we are lowering API usage fees and simplifying limits. While the Maps API remains free for the vast majority of sites, some developers were worried about the potential costs. In response, we have lowered the online price from USD 4 per 1,000 map loads to 50 cents per 1,000 map loads.”

This is just the latest move in the Apple-Google war that continues to wage on. Last week, Judge Richard Posner officially dismissed Apple’s case against Motorola, which is owned by Google. This decision is seen as a blow to Apple as the stakes were high. If Apple had won the lawsuit, the tech giant could have potentially gotten a leg up against Motorola and other Android-based mobile phone companies.

Source: Valuewalk