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Google appoints Polaris Digitech as reseller in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria: Polaris Digitech, a GIS company in Nigeria, announced that it has been appointed as an authorised Google Earth Enterprise Reseller/Partner for the country. The agreement grants Polaris Digitech the non-exclusive right to resell Google Enterprise Geo technology to businesses in Nigeria. This appointment aims to strengthen Polaris Digitech’s service offerings in the geospatial industry in the West African sub-region.

In a press release Niyi Okuboyejo, CEO of Polaris Digitech stated, “We see this as a major achievement and step in the right direction to consolidate on our abilities in the delivery of a wide array of geospatial services especially in this part of the world. With this agreement, the Google Earth Enterprise innovative technology will be available to the Nigerian and West African sub-region. We are poised to deliver quick mapping applications for our customers that will allow synthesising of large spatial data sets – imageries, terrain and vector based data. Polaris Digitech will work with Google to explore all avenues available for the deployment of this product for creation of measurable value addition across a wide range of customer application”.

Google Earth Enterprise communities can vary from less than ten end users to upwards of several hundred thousand. Google Earth Enterprise can process and serve roughly 100GB of data per day per CPU core. With support for grids and multi-core processing environments, customers can process and publish for immediate access upwards of several TBs of imagery, terrain and vector data every day to organisation’s internal and external users.

Source: Polaris Digitech