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Google announces real time traffic info service in Malaysia

Malaysia: Google Maps added a number of new features to keep the people of Malaysia updated about the traffic situation in their country. The company implemented the Traffic layer, which provides data about real time road congestion on the map. With the help of this tool users can see whether roads are congested or flowing freely based on colour coding.

The public transportation details of Malaysia can also be viewed on Google Maps. Information regarding train and bus stops will now be listed on the map. Additionally, when a user clicks the “Get Directions” tab, they will see a new option, designated with a bus icon, which will help them in planning their route via public transport. The search result will give step-by-step public transportation directions on how to get from Place A to Place B via bus, LRT, monorail, and Komuter train.

To increase its accessibility among Malay native speakers, Google Maps will now be available in Bahasa Malaysia. Since 60 percent of Malaysians use Bahasa Malaysia as their primary language with over 90 percent proficiency, this localisation would make it easier for Malaysians to get the most from Google Maps.

Source: www.theborneopost.com