Google and Lenovo demo Project Tango device at MWC

Google and Lenovo demo Project Tango device at MWC


Spain: Google and Lenovo demoed the Project Tango device on Monday in Barcelona. It took Lenovo about an hour to map a section of a floor that was reserved for Mobile World Congress (MWC) demo purposes. In the demo, the Project Tango tablet devices were used to both map the interior and add AR content.

Moreover, Project Tango apps will add layers of digital reality on top of the real thing. Among other things, the companies showed off Augmented Reality elements such as mark that tells you that you’ve arrived at your destination; a path on the ground that’s visible only to you via screen guiding you to your next waypoint; or virtual buttons on a painting that you can press to learn more details about that work of art.

In other words, absolutely any company could use the software to map a building or a venue, and then add layers of information to a specialized content management system. The end-user, when looking at an interior space through the lenses of a specialized Project Tango device, would have access to that content as he or she approaches it.

During the tour, Lenovo tour guides assured us that there will be at least one Project Tango device for the masses available in stores later this year. The gadget will feature extra cameras needed to analyze a room and deliver the indoor-related content that users will appreciate.

One thing I wondered was how Project Tango usage affects battery life. It’s too early for an estimate – because we don’t have the hardware or the final software to do it – but hopefully, that won’t be a problem.

Source: BGR