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Google accused of tampering OSM data

Bangalore, India: High-ranking members of the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project — an open source mapping project that competes with Google Maps —claimed that user accounts attached to a range of Google internet addresses in India have been maliciously tampering with its data.
Google said that two people behind the accounts were contractors using machines on Google’s network, but a spokesperson for the search giant added that these contractors were “acting on their own behalf.” The spokesperson also said that the contractors are “no longer working on Google projects.”
The accusation from OpenStreet Map follows a widely reported incident in which users behind a Google IP address in India were caught scraping data from a Kenyan online business directory called Mocality. Recently, Google apologised for the incident.
Tom Hughes from the OSM said. “It seems that they want this to be some sort of organised corporate malfeasance on the part of Google which is why they have tried to link it to the recent Mocality incident where there was indeed clear evidence of such behaviour. The reality in this case is that there is no evidence that this is any different to the numerous other incidents we get all the time where users either accidentally or deliberately make bogus edits.” 
Much like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap is a crowd-sourced project, meaning that anyone can edit its data. The project is run by a UK-based non-profit, but it receives money, hardware and data from Google Maps rivals Microsoft and the AOL-owned MapQuest. Steve Coast, the founder of OSM, is now on the payroll at Microsoft as a member of the team that builds the mobile version of Bing, Microsoft’s search engine.
Source: Wired