Home News Good News for Golf lovers!

Good News for Golf lovers!

Local developer Noorak Corp, Bangkok has combined Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with the iPaq Pocket PC to help golfers plot their way around the course.
The system, dubbed BigDog GPS, will inform the player of information such as the distance from any position on the course to the target.

The system has already been implemented in Muang Kaew Golf Club, Bangna-Trat KM 7, according to Noorak business development manager Karoon Thiravorachai.
Since golf is his favourite sport, he and his software developer team used technology to improve the golfing experience.

The distance is reported in yardage by pinning two points on a golf map, such as to the target shot, to the centre of the green or to any obstacle such as a bunker or water hazard.
The information has 95 percent accuracy, he said.

In addition, the software also collects strokes shot-by-shot and records the scores for a game for up to four players. Muang Kaew in Thailand Golf Club is the first customer and will offer up to 10 of the Pocket PCs with GPS solution to players. Also included in the BigDog GPS are an extra battery in order to extend the usage up to seven hours, a cart mount so that caddies can attach the Pocket PC to the golf cart, and implementation and support services.

The club is expected to officially launch the service soon.