Golden Software releases Didger 4

Golden Software releases Didger 4


Golden, USA, October 02, 2007: Golden Software, Inc. has upgraded Didger, software that provides a single user interface for digitizing, geographic referencing, reprojection and coordinate conversion, and mosaicking, with newer features and enhancements. Among the many new features is the ability to have Didger automatically digitize polylines and polygons from any source image. This saves the user time and frustration by letting Didger do the meticulous digitizing for them. Didger also includes the ability to link directly to the USGS TerraServer database. Users can download and import georeferenced satellite imagery and topographic maps of the United States free of charge.

Two other upgrades to Didger 4 are increased Surfer compatibility and more image importing options. Users can digitize contour or other 3D data in Didger, and with a click of a button either save the data as a grid file for use in Surfer or import it directly into Surfer as a colorful contour, image, or shaded relief map. Users can also import files in LizardTech’s MrSID format and ER Mapper’s ECW format.

Didger 4 is written for use with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and higher and is now available for a retail price of USD 389. Upgrades from previous Didger versions are only USD 129.

Visit to download a Didger demo and place an order.