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Golden Software modifies Surfer® Workflows for quicker gridding

The US-based company Golden Software has simplified a number of workflows in its latest version of Surfer® gridding, contouring, and 3D surface mapping product. These technologies will help those in a number of sectors like in oil & gas exploration, environmental consulting, mining, engineering, and geospatial projects.

According to Kari Dickenson, Surfer Product Manager, “We have simplified workflows by making many of the most popular Surfer mapping processes more intuitive.” Elaborating further, he added, “By deleting steps and reducing mouse clicks, we have shaved valuable minutes off the time it takes to complete many functions.”

Scientists have relied on Surfer for over 30 years now. Used by over 1,00,000 clients across the globe, Surfer has helped them to easily visualise and work on complex data sets. It has helped users to model data sets, , apply an array of advanced analytics tools, and graphically communicate the results in ways that may help people to understand.

The company has made a number of improvements in the latest Surfer version. Apart from coming up with some changes, Golden Software has also launched a Beta version of Surfer simultaneously with the new version in order to provide customers an opportunity to try out new features while they are still in development.