GO Loader enables transport related analysis

GO Loader enables transport related analysis


Southampton, UK, September 17, 2007: Snowflake Software announces support for ArcGIS Network Analyst, ESRI’s ArcGIS extension for network-based spatial analysis including routing, travel directions and closest facility analysis.

Snowflake Software’s GO Loader provides a unique way to depict the OS MasterMap ITN Layer. It generates linework that provides an accurate cartographic representation of a restriction, clearly identifying how it applies to the road network and how it could potentially affect the user. This clear and precise representation is essential when a traveler needs to be able to change direction based on the re-routing requirements, particularly when time is of essence as is the case with emergency vehicles.

Network Analyst from ESRI turns the ITN layer into a logical network. It enables the user to set up weightings such as: traffic density, roadworks, temporal restrictions etc. By utilizing these capabilities with GO Loader’s complex geometry processing capabilities, users can

  • Define the shortest route
  • Plot travel directions
  • Chart drive time analysis
    across the entire ITN Network, with full support for turns and one-way restrictions