Home News ‘GNSS-powered devices cause most road accidents’

‘GNSS-powered devices cause most road accidents’

Australia: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) enabled devices led to a surge in road accidents in Australia, observed New South Wales Police. John Hartley, Chief of NSW Traffic Police, explained, “Drivers should not rely solely on GNSS-powered devices to reach their destination. Instead of concentrating on driving, motorists are getting distracted and disoriented by tracking streets on their navigation devices.”

Hartley stressed that if drivers want to use a navigation device, they should update it on a regular basis to prevent receiving incorrect information. Responding on this NSW Police observation, NRMA, an Australian insurance company, commented that drivers should abide by road rules ahead of the directions their GPS provides.

Last year, a study showed when drivers were challenged to use a portable GPS unit over a 35km route, they glanced at it about 90 times for an average of 1.2 sec. This means, travelling at 60km/h, they were looking away from the road for up to 19m a time.

Source: The Telegraph