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GNSS-based system to detect radiation

New York, US: In the US, the New York (NY) Police Department launched a mobile radiation detection system equipped with location-tracking GNSS technology. It aims to help avert terrorist activities.

While more than 2,000 belt-mounted radiation detectors are already used by city police, this will be the first time in the US they will be combined with GNSS technology to allow central monitoring, said police spokesman Paul Browne. If the technology is proven in New York it could appear elsewhere in the country.

The move comes as police, ahead of the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, continue a long-term project to permanently increase vigilance in Manhattan, which police say has potential future targets for attacks that could include a dirty bomb, a low-intensity device that can contaminate the area with radioactive material.

“The information that the officer is reading will simultaneously be wirelessly transmitted to this coordination center, up on a map where you can see all of Lower Manhattan,” Browne said.

With the GNSS technology, data from several officers could be used to triangulate the location of a stationary object or to track the direction of a moving object. “We’re also going to be putting these in fixed locations on bridges, for example,” Browne said. “Eventually you have an infrastructure of trip wires that picks up on radiation.”

The Department of Homeland Security contributed USD 192 million to the effort, Browne informed, while New York has contributed USD 8 million.

Source: Reuters